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"See Me Now"
Product Code: #SPEC0002
Price: $44.00

I wrote this inspired by scriptures about heaven as if your loved one that has passed away is writing you a letter. Jackie Wade

If you could see me now...You would feel so much better. Jesus has wiped away every tear from my eyes, and there is no more death or mourning or crying or pain. He even showed me where He kept my tears before I got here ~ in a bottle! It is so beautiful up here. There are streets of gold, gates of pearl and even the foundations up here are decorated with every kind of precious stone. There is no darkness, only the most incredible light, which is the Glory of God Himself! Nothing is old or worn-out or broken here. In fact, Jesus said that He is making everything new and has been preparing a place for me for a long time. You have got to see it! It is amazing! The only need I have is for you to join me here. I'll be waiting. Jesus will show you the way.


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